Spooktacular treats

Saw these DIY Halloween treats on Pinterest and couldn’t resist! Instead of the usual sickly-sweet fare, why not make some of your own healthy snacks to share with the neighbourhood this October 31st? Ghost bananas, apple grins and clementine-pumpkins made it to our list. Stuff you’ll need: Clementines, apples, bananas, green gumdrops, black writing icing, […]

Backyard monsters

Let’s give the stones something to smile about! Stuff you’ll need: Pebbles, googly dolls’ eyes, scissors, foam sheets in green and yellow, glue tape, black marker and pink sharpie. 1. Remove the seals from the back of the dolls’ eyes and glue them onto the pebbles. Arrange them in monster fashion: each monster can have […]

A bit on batik

Have some wax crayons at hand? Let’s make some batik-like coasters! Stuff you’ll need: Muslin cloth, hemp fabric, scissors, pinking shears, watercolour paint, paintbrush, cup of water, wax crayon, glue tape and an old magazine. 1. With your pinking shears, cut up the muslin cloth into coaster-size squares. 2. Use a wax crayon to draw […]

Fluff and stuff

In the land of sweet treats, cotton candy takes the cake. Here’s a calorie-free recipe on how to make a miniature cotton candy garland 🙂   What you’ll need: Cotton wool squares, toothpicks, eye shadow or make-up blush, craft glue, darning needle and twine. 1. Layer two pieces of cotton wool on top of one […]

Playing with spoons

Direct a family theatre production starring your favourite spoon characters! Here’s how: What you’ll need: Lacquer-free wooden spoons or spatula, watercolour pencils, gluestick, paintbrush, water, patterned origami paper, doily and scissors. 1. With your colour pencils, draw a friendly face on one of the wooden spoons. 2. Colour in some hair. 3. Repeat the same […]

Too cool for spools?

Convert plain spools into bright and cheery charms fit for a necklace! Tutorial inspired by Tearosehome. What you’ll need: Mini wooden spools, colourful beads, embroidery floss, kite string, darning needle, craft glue and scissors. 1. Dab some craft glue onto a small corner of one of the wooden spools. 2. Begin winding a strand of […]

Cloudy with a chance of clay

Who doesn’t love anthropomorphic clouds? Make this pair of kawaii cloud magnets with some sharpies and a glob of clay. What you’ll need: Soft clay in white or light blue, adhesive magnets, rolling pin (or something similar), sharpies in dark brown and pink, recycled card stock, pencil, scissors, craft knife and cutting board. 1. Trace […]

The washi effect

Washi tape is simply magical! Every craft hoarder must have a few rolls at least. Here are some ideas on what you can do with them. What you’ll need: Washi tape, glass bottle, notebook, toothpicks, wooden pegs, crafting knife or blade, scissors and cutting board. 1. Paste some washi tape onto one of the flat […]

Needle-felted panda tote

We love Muji’s plain cloth bags! Pair it up with some needle felting skills and wool roving and voila — a customised bag is born! What you’ll need: Linen bag, wool roving in white, black, grey and pink, melamine foam, plastic comb, felting tool with multiple needles, single felting needle, tracing paper, image for tracing […]