Spooktacular treats


Saw these DIY Halloween treats on Pinterest and couldn’t resist! Instead of the usual sickly-sweet fare, why not make some of your own healthy snacks to share with the neighbourhood this October 31st? Ghost bananas, apple grins and clementine-pumpkins made it to our list.


Stuff you’ll need: Clementines, apples, bananas, green gumdrops, black writing icing, mini marshmallows, peanut butter, fruit knife, breakfast knife, cutting board and scissors.


1. Peel clementines.


2. Cut green gumdrops into tiny stem-like strips. Use the sharp end of the scissors to help push the gumdrop stems into the top-centre of each clementine.


3. Peel bananas.


4. Draw on ghost-like features with black writing icing. You may also use chocolate chips or chocolate icing for this. (Please pardon the unhealthy looking bananas!)


5. Divide apple into six slices. Cut away the core.


6. Spread peanut butter onto one of the sides of each apple slice. The peanut butter will help keep the mini marshmallows in place.


7. Position the apple slices with the red part facing you. Place a series of mini marshmallows onto the peanut butter side of three of the apple slices. Top off each confection with the remaining apple slices to complete the toothy treat.

And here’s an apple-licious video for you!


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