Pretty painted hair pins


Nail polish is our new best friend — just slick a few layers onto boring black hair pins and witness the transformation! This lovely idea is from The Thinking Closet.


Stuff you’ll need: Plain hair pins and metal barrettes, nail polish in a variety of colours, scissors, masking tape and recycled card stock.


1. Spread out the pins and barrettes on the card stock.


2. Slick a layer of nail polish onto the top part of the pins. Leave aside to air dry for about five to 10 minutes. While some nail polish may require more than one coat to opaquely cover the pins, make sure that each layer isn’t too thick or the paint will smudge easily. Once the paint dries, the pins are ready for use.


3. To make a multi-coloured hair barrette, start by cutting out a series of small masking tape strips.


4. Paste them over the barrettes anyhow you like – here, we used them to form stripes.


5. Paint nail polish over the exposed areas of the barrettes. Leave aside to air dry.


6. Remove the masking tape strips and voila – you have your very own one-of-a-kind hair barrettes!

And here’s our video take on the subject:



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