A bit on batik


Have some wax crayons at hand? Let’s make some batik-like coasters!


Stuff you’ll need: Muslin cloth, hemp fabric, scissors, pinking shears, watercolour paint, paintbrush, cup of water, wax crayon, glue tape and an old magazine.


1. With your pinking shears, cut up the muslin cloth into coaster-size squares.


2. Use a wax crayon to draw a motif onto the cloth. Make sure that all the lines are connected. Lighter crayons, like yellow, seem to work best; a darker colour is used her for clarity purposes.


3. Layer the old magazine beneath the cloth. Start painting your motif one colour at a time. Use less paint, more water; water will help the paint spread. Change to a fresh cup of water each time you paint a new colour to avoid the unintentional mixing of hues. Leave the piece to air-dry or use a hair dryer to speed up the process.


4. Trim the cloth edges to neaten the piece.


5. Cut the hemp fabric into squares to match the size of your finished batik piece.


6. Roll glue tape onto the back of the batik piece and smooth it onto the hemp square.

And here’s a video to sum it all up:



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