Backyard monsters

Let’s give the stones something to smile about! Stuff you’ll need: Pebbles, googly dolls’ eyes, scissors, foam sheets in green and yellow, glue tape, black marker and pink sharpie. 1. Remove the seals from the back of the dolls’ eyes and glue them onto the pebbles. Arrange them in monster fashion: each monster can have […]

A bit on batik

Have some wax crayons at hand? Let’s make some batik-like coasters! Stuff you’ll need: Muslin cloth, hemp fabric, scissors, pinking shears, watercolour paint, paintbrush, cup of water, wax crayon, glue tape and an old magazine. 1. With your pinking shears, cut up the muslin cloth into coaster-size squares. 2. Use a wax crayon to draw […]