Too cool for spools?

spool necklace diy

Convert plain spools into bright and cheery charms fit for a necklace! Tutorial inspired by Tearosehome.


What you’ll need: Mini wooden spools, colourful beads, embroidery floss, kite string, darning needle, craft glue and scissors.


1. Dab some craft glue onto a small corner of one of the wooden spools.


2. Begin winding a strand of embroidery floss over the entire length of the wooden spool – the glue should secure the starting end of the thread. Be sure to cover any gaps with more embroidery floss.


3. Repeat with the other wooden spools. Tuck in the ends of the embroidery floss and secure with a dot of glue.


4. Cut a 60cm-long kite string and thread it through the darning needle. Bring this through one of the beads.


5. Continue threading on the rest of the wooden spools, topping it off last with another bead.


6. Double knot both ends of the kite string where the start and end of the baubles are to secure the pieces in place.


7. Measure the necklace to a length you desire.  Secure the ends with a knot and trim excess.

* Published in the Craftypedia column in Star2 ( on May 22, 2013.


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