The washi effect

washi tape crafts

Washi tape is simply magical! Every craft hoarder must have a few rolls at least. Here are some ideas on what you can do with them.


What you’ll need: Washi tape, glass bottle, notebook, toothpicks, wooden pegs, crafting knife or blade, scissors and cutting board.


1. Paste some washi tape onto one of the flat surfaces of a wooden peg. Make sure that it runs the entire length of the peg. Trim excess.


2. Place the peg on a cutting board, with the taped-side face down. Carefully run your crafting knife along its edges to cut off the excess tape and you’re done!.

washi tape crafts

3. Roll some washi tape all around your clear glass bottles to give them an instant lift.


4. For notebooks, mix and match colours and patterns to create a personalised look.


5. Tuck any excess tape onto the insides of your notebook cover for a neat finish.


6. To make a mini flag (perfect as cupcake toppers), cut a length of washi tape and lay a toothpick over its centre. Fold the tape onto itself. With your scissors, cut a triangle notch from the edge of the flag.

* Published in the Craftypedia column in Star2 ( on April 10, 2013.


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