Playing with spoons

wooden spoon people

Direct a family theatre production starring your favourite spoon characters! Here’s how:


What you’ll need: Lacquer-free wooden spoons or spatula, watercolour pencils, gluestick, paintbrush, water, patterned origami paper, doily and scissors.


1. With your colour pencils, draw a friendly face on one of the wooden spoons.


2. Colour in some hair.


3. Repeat the same process on another spoon but this time, add a moustache.


4. For the next one, experiment with a different expression and hairstyle.


5. Once you’re done designing all three faces, dip your paintbrush in a small amount of water (blot excess on tissue paper) and gently go over the coloured areas. Do not spread water all over the spoon or the colours will run. Paint only one colour at a time – swirl your paintbrush in some water before moving on to the next coloured area.


6. Once the painted areas are dry (which should be instantaneous; otherwise you’re using too much water!), wrap some origami paper around the handle of the spoons, cut to size and gluestick the piece in place.


7. Cut a doily piece in half and use it to create a lace collar for “Mama Spoon”.


8. For “Papa Spoon”, cut two small triangles and use them as a shirt collar.


9. As for young little “Miss Spatula”, cut a small bow and glue it onto her flaming red hair.

* Published in the Craftypedia column in Star2 ( on April 24, 2013.


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