Cloudy with a chance of clay

clay cloud magnets

Who doesn’t love anthropomorphic clouds? Make this pair of kawaii cloud magnets with some sharpies and a glob of clay.


What you’ll need: Soft clay in white or light blue, adhesive magnets, rolling pin (or something similar), sharpies in dark brown and pink, recycled card stock, pencil, scissors, craft knife and cutting board.


1. Trace two cloud shapes onto the card stock. Cut them out.


2. Start kneading the soft clay to warm it up.


3. Flatten the clay with a rolling pin (or something tubular).


4. Position the cloud-shaped card stock on top of the flattened clay. Trace the craft knife along the edges.


5. Push away excess clay.


6. Use a small amount of water to smooth away small craters on the surface of your cloud. Repeat the entire process to make a second cloud piece. Set them aside to dry for about 30 minutes.


7. Once the pieces are firm and dry, use the sharpies to draw on smiley faces.


8. Remove the adhesive backing on the magnets and press one each onto the backs of the clouds.

* Published in the Craftypedia column in Star2 ( on July 3, 2013.


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